It’s been a good week for rap music around here.  The last bunch of posts we’ve had up on Cut From Steel have all been rap music and that’s not about to stop.

Toronto’s  Jazz Cartier came across the radar today and we’ve had his “Switch / The Downtown Cliche” video on repeat for the better part of this afternoon. It is that good.
This Jazz Cartier release (along with Hell-o-l from last week) have been the best Toronto rap leases in recent memory and it’s got us excited about 416 rap again. Jazz Cartier has all of the style and good looks of A$AP Rocky but with much rougher and more interesting delivery. This music is gnarly, dirty, and aggressive. It’s amazing.

These two tracks were recorded a day apart and are, along with the video, a portrait of a rapper and his city.
You can download this track for free on the Soundcloud page.