Well, this is impressive.

Mayer Hawthorne has taken his stylish crooning and has joined forces with high school pal  14KT to form: Jaded Inc. The duo have put out their debut album The Big Knock earlier this summer and their track “Monster” has been one of my recent favorites. The video for “The Big Knock” takes things to a whole new level of cool by featuring Jitter Brandon “Jitting Jesus” Hobbs.

What’s Jitting? It is the Detroit based  “fancy footwork motivated dance” that is something between break dancing and tap dancing. According to the internet, Jitting originated in Detroit over 75 years ago.
It is very cool you can watch a short video that explains what it is – check it out.

This video is filmed beautifully, the track is slick, and suddenly I want to learn everything about Jitting.