Well.. this is exciting.

What we have here is a new video from Toronto based DAVIDS. This is  the third singe off the 0613EP that was released in 2013.

Keeping with the DAVIDS tradition the video does not anyone associated with the DAVIDS project. This video features Cayuga, Ontario based metal band Apocryphal Avulsion. (Vomited out of a putrid hellmouth near Cayuga Ontario)

That is such a creative idea. Based on the teaser instagram photos of ‘Juggalo’ face painted dudes over the past few weeks, it was hard to guess what DAVIDS had up their sleeve with this. Also, Cayuga Ontario is a cool place and its nice to see it getting some shine. This video features everything you need: a metal band duelling with a pretty blonde lady in the woods, fake blood, swords, smashing stuff, nails, and lots of attitude.

DAVIDS will be releasing a new EP sometime in the near future. The 0613EP is really good and it will be great to see what they come up with for the next one.