One of the absolute biggest talents that the 905 has ever produced, Caribou, has been making waves all over the world and he shows no signs of slowing down. Dan Snaith (and the rest of the band) may reside in England these days, but we can still hang on and claim that he is a ‘hometown’ talent even though he hasn’t really played a show here since…? Too long to recount. Caribou is nothing short of a class act and the fact that he is still putting out amazing music and hasn’t sold out or gotten too self involved and crappy in that way that people are really hyped tend to get – is wonderful.

Dan Snaith is amazing and the latest track (and video) are nothing less than perfection.  “Can’t Do Without You” is off 2014’s album “Our Love” and it is a really sweet song. This song is the  kind of song you listen to over and over again when you’re in the throws of a new love. Or if you really care about anything or anyone at all. This is for you, too. The video is very sweet and the whole thing is just aces.

Long live Caribou!