I feel way late to the cool party for just getting into Big Momma this week. Where have I been?! Who is Big Momma? What is happening?! Why does google keep suggesting the Martin Lawrence flop ‘Big Momma’s House’?  Nobody is searching for that. I assure you, google.

After some intense internet sleuthing I found out that Momma represents himself as a “24 year old gay male rapper from Florida”. More on Complex.

Rap music has not been too welcoming of rappers who break away from the norm. We still don’t have too many LGBTQ rappers who’ve made it big in any way. While musicians like Frank Ocean and Le1f have been shining a light on some of these issues in the past few years… it is still very much in the sidelines. What about a male rapper, who happens to be gay, who also happens to be incredibly talented, and very much geared towards sexually mature adults? Where does that fit into the rap scene as it stands today?

Politics aside – this music is AWESOME. Big Momma seems to have flipped a middle finger to all of that and is just kicking ass and taking names through ferocious and impressive music and gorgeous visuals. Big Momma is like 50% amazing rapper and 50% creative genius. The video for Dentata is easily the most interesting video I’ve seen in a very long time.

Let’s talk about how amazing this single is, for a second. The combination of the operatic vocals in the background, the cult like chanting and the smooth and deliberate rap flow is insane. This song is like a sonic treat that sounds really good in expensive headphones.

More Big Momma can be found on Soundcloud, or you can hunt down the 2014 release “The Plague”.