Toronto based band, Beliefs, have been putting out fuzzy shoe-gaze rock since they formed in 2010. The video for “Tidal Wave” is  directed by Trevor Blumas (Doomsquad) and Laura Lynn Petrick. It evokes an atmosphere of pre-digital age, public access late-night music television, perfectly complementing the song’s rich, enveloping guitar sound. “Tidal Wave” features backing vocals from their friend Shehzaad Jiwani of the band Greys.

A lot of talented Toronto based artists have joined up and this video / track is just one example of the fine work being done in the 416.

This video is perfectly timed with the ’90s love affair that culture is having at the moment. A lot of the youths won’t remember a time when Much / MTV played bad ass videos and weird local TV stations had interesting stuff on late at night – but hey, here is this video that will give you a taste of the olden days.

Beliefs are putting out their second album sometime in 2015.