Inspired by new age hip hop and old school R&B, Matthew Chaim combines introspective and relatable lyrics with silky and rich vocals to create something that sounds all kinds of smooth. Matthew Chaim’s music goes down as smoothly as a boozy milkshake on a sweltering summer day.

Based in Montreal, Matthew is getting ready to release his debut album through Juspop. Matthew’s killer singing voice combined with the production skills of @noah-barer, @cavewerk & @francisduchesne makes for a really nice sound that will make you hit repeat a few times.

There is obviously a huge R&B resurgence in music right now that’s heavy on the smooth lyrics and bass – however Matthew Chaim stands apart from all of that. It could be because he isn’t singing about cocaine, after hours clubs, and the existential dread you might find on a Weeknd track. Matthew Chaim music feels more accessible in a way probably because it is missing the posturing and bravado overkill found in most R&B tracks out these days.

That unrelenting booming bass on Vanilla Ways is a killer, and Untitled seems to have a slightly irregular (or warped) back beat that gives the track a really interesting sound.

Untitled is the new single, and Vanilla Ways came out a few months ago. Both songs are fantastic!