This isn’t exactly a new ‘track’ but its the closest thing we’ve gotten from Hamilton’s The Emsee in what seems like a long time. This quick verse, recorded in a car, shows Emsee (Mathew) at his finest. The lyrics are sharp and clever and his delivery is so solid.

There is a line in there that references another Hamilton based MC – Transition, and the two of them avoiding politics. I quite liked this reference to Transition (another favourite MC) and avoiding the politics game in rap music. The tired cliche of people who have the least to say talking the loudest has never been more true than in the hip hop community. Emsee and Transition are two incredibly talented and underrated guys who steer clear of the nonsense and politics which unfortunately comes with this genre of music.

Mathew has long been a Cut From Steel favourite and a highlight of the Hamilton hip hop scene. He’s a super nice guy who is incredibly talented and hard working. If anyone deserves more praise and more attention- it’s The Emsee.

Check him out in Hamilton this Saturday. The show is at Club Absinthe and also features: Stealth Elementz, Hachey the MouthPEACE, Population Control, J Ache$, Damilon Miles, and more. You can find the details on the Facebook page.