We’ve got some great local music to start the week off on Cut From Steel. Hamilton’s beloved punk heartthrobs, The Dirty Nil, have released a single off their upcoming 2016 LP. “Higher Power” is out on February 26, 2016 and is the first official album from the band. The Dirty Nil have released 7”, mixtapes, EP’s, and many singles over the years but “Higher Power” is the first official album from the guys and it is being released through Dine Alone Records.

Zombie Eyed is a solid track that is very representative of what The Dirty Nil are all about musically. This song is rooted in 90’s grungy punk sensibilities with searing vocals and guitar explosions. Members of The Dirty Nil played a set with Single Mothers in Hamilton this past weekend and it was a rip-roaring good time. It’s great to see how versatile these guys are as musicians.

The Dirty Nil explaining Higher Power:

“Finally the chance to assemble a dynamic and unified set of songs, this is us right here and now. A chance to stretch our legs and explore new pastures of distortion. 
Here we are, raggedly in the red. Higher Power than your band.” 

If you’re in the Hamilton region – don’t forget about The Dirty Nil’s annual holiday show on December 27th.

Higher Power Tracklist:
1. No Weaknesses
2. Zombie Eyed
3. Wrestle Yu To Husker Du
4. Lowlives
5. Friends In The Sky
6. Violent Hands
7. Know Your Roden
8. Fugue State
9. Bruto Bloody Bruto
10. Helium Dreamer
11. Bury Me At The Rodeo