Rat Boy is the stage name of 19 year old Jordan Cardy from Essex. Jordan started making music as Rat Boy after several failed job attempts, failed attempts at getting a band together, and after dealing with the general lack of support today’s youth has been dealing with. The g.d. baby boomers had their day in the sun and subsequent generations somehow managed to make it through, but the teens of today have been dealt a really shitty hand by our governments. Youth unemployment is at a shockingly high rate… college is no guarantee at making things better.. it’s not easy out there.

Rat Boy is representative of today’s deadbeat, stuck in the middle, post-millenial teenagers. After leaving school to work at a Wetherspoons in Chelmsford – where he was fired for serving someone a raw burger – he sat around at home teaching himself how to use Logic on his mum’s computer.  (via Vice)

Rat Boy (Jordan) makes music that sounds like early versions of The Streets and Arctic Monkeys along with some Nirvana for good measure. It’s really good in that authentic way that’s hard to replicate. The lyrics sound genuine and Jordan’s delivery is spot on.  We are getting into warmer weather and Rat Boy is the perfect music to blast to annoy your neighbours. Will Rat Boy ever make it to Southern Ontario for a show? Fingers and toes are crossed.

“All my shoes have holes in their soles…live my life in second hand clothes”

Look back to his previously released mixtape for more. I don’t think that Cut From Steel is the only blog waiting for more from Rat Boy.