Check out this cover of Miguel’s ‘Simple Things’ from LA based Monogem. This song is currently available as a free download. You can hear the original here. The original version of this track is amazing and it has that Miguel vibe that is hard to replicate.  The Monogem cover is more soulful and is more of an r’n’b sultry song. They sound quite different and I think that was a good move on Monogem’s part. Monogem has a great voice and I’m looking forward to hearing what she releases in the future.

The lyrics are as universal as ever. Isn’t that what we all really want?..

I don’t need a model / I don’t need a debutant / Just be a tough act to follow / You know, a free spirit, with a wild heart / Alright, I said I just want someone real, someone true / I said I just want someone else

Smoke with me baby / And lay with me baby / Laugh with me baby girl / I just want the simple things / I just want you