“Wicked Ones” from LA based band, Dorothy, is the kind of rock song that Rock music has been missing. “Wicked Ones” is punchy, sassy, and sexy in that devil may care way way. There are many variations of rock music and the specific sounds and tastes ebb and flow with the times. Having said that, a kick-ass rock song is good no matter what the current trends in music happen to be.

It is always awesome to come across a female-fronted rock band and Dorothy is one badass lead singer.  Leadsinger Dorothy’s voice is raspy, growlin’, and sexy as hell. Band mates Zac Morris, Mark Jackson, and Greg Cash are really solid and provide a steady, pounding, backdrop to Dorothy’s amazing vocals. Sex, booze, questionable life choices, and a lot of livin’ and learnin’ have always provided plenty of material for rock music. It is cool to have a fresh take on the reckless living genre from a female perspective. The stuff available on the Dorthy Soundcloud page is great and I look forward to hearing more in the future.