Hamilton’s Scott Orr is involved in a new band called Best Wishes and they’ve allowed us to share the first single off their upcoming self titled EP. The album is available on May 13th.

Scott Orr with pals Eric Fusilier (The City Harmonic) and Matt Henderson (Fitness Club Fiasco, Old English), make up the hazy sweet sounds of Best Wishes.

This first single, Clouds, is beautiful. It is a sweet song that makes me think of one of those perfect summer days when you get lost in a new love and you loose total track of space and time. It is gorgeous and Scott’s strong vocals really shine through on this track. The addition of Eric and Matt steps up the musicality of this track and it makes me want to hear this performed live; preferably while sitting on grass during some sort of summer festival.

This single is really sweet and we will have a full EP review on Cut From Steel over the next little while.

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