Ahh summer time. The season of festivals, bikinis, and disposable summer jams that get crammed down our throats for a few months.  Rykka‘s newst single, Movies, comes as a bit of a breath of fresh air. Fresh mountain air, that is. This song and video are cool, dark, and introspective. The song does not have any obvious hooks that you will memorize after hearing it once and there are no obnoxious catch phrases to go along with this.

Instead what we get is a chilly and beautiful pop song that is accompanied by a gorgeous video. Shot inside a glacier cave at the Rhône Glacier in Switzerland, this video is incredibly beautiful. If the goal for this video was to get me to seriously consider buying plane tickets to Switzerland – mission accomplished, Rykka.

“This song is about wanting what you can’t have. MOVIES tells the story of two rebels and their love affair as a brief escape from the social poverty of life.” Rykka continues, “Together, the two protagonists lose themselves in the reality they create together, and fight for their illusion until the end.”