Well, this is a fun way to start a Wednesday morning. An email was sent out featuring this new collaboration between De La Soul and Nas – “God It”.

De La Soul are working on a new album and this song was released today as a teaser and a sign of the sound they are crafting for the new release. There is no word on Nas’ involvement on the actual album, but let’s hope he is on a few tracks because this collaboration is pretty damn awesome.

This is the kind of rap music that can stay on repeat all day. What’s not to love about this song? De La x Nas x heavy beat x horns section x killer delivery by some of rap’s living legends = on repeat all summer.

While you’re at it, check out SoulMatic, the 2014 mixtape that combines remixes from Nas’ Illamatic and some skits, and original content. This was released in 2014 – 20 yrs after the release of Nas’ iconic Illamatic.

I bet most rap fans have heard this mix many times, but it is worth another listen.