After a ten year hiatus, Hamilton’s The Inflation Kills have released a killer new album. Grounds for Termination is fantastic. There’s been a lot of folklore around The Inflation Kills (and the bands related to this band) for years. Why did they take a hiatus at the cusp of success? What really happened?  I’m not going to pretend that I was attending Inflation Kills shows 10 years ago – I wasn’t. I was firmly in my rap-music-or-bust phase at that time. I have, however, heard many stories from friends who attended shows, knew the guys personally, and were huge fans. I understand how influential and important to Hamilton this band was, and still is. I get it – but I definitely wasn’t around to experience this in first person, which is too bad for me.

Grounds for Termination is a really solid album. It is the kind of album you can listen to front-to-back and feel like you went on a journey. The pace is aggressive –  the songs are complex – and the lyrics are intelligent. Hamilton really needs a band like this at this time in history. We’re going through a weird phase as a city and it’s good to have music and musicians that help you see through the fog.

There is a really good in-depth interview with the awesome Phil Williams over at Chart Attack. Give it a read.

From an archivist’s perspective, I think we’ve created pretty good representations of ten year old songs. From a tastemaker’s perspective, ten years ago seems to be pretty popular right now.


The Inflation Kills are playing a show in Hamilton tonight at Boxcar Studio (468 Cumberland). Also on the bill: WTCHS, A Drawing, & DJ George Pettit.  You can find the details here.