One of Hamilton’s most exciting electronic artists, ttwwrrss (pronounced like towers) is getting ready to release his third album ‘ttwwrrs_3’ on February 26th via Maisonneuve Music.

Cut From Steel has been glad to watch ttwwrrss grow and progress with his sound over the past two albums.  We’ve had clubby, first album ttwwrrss, dark and industrial second album ttwwrrss, and now we have a polished 2016 ttwwrrss. It is exciting to see the production get stronger with each album. This album also brings across a sense of editing and of cutting back of the unnecessary. All of the songs on ‘ttwwrrss_3’ sound like they belong on the album and they all contribute to the overall journey the music takes us on.

ttwwrrss is an exciting young artist and more people should know about him. While all of the songs on this album are good, the ones that stand out immediately are: Had2Buy, What Is This Exactly?, and YHM. The darker, grittier, tracks are the ones that stand out upon the first few listens. ttwwrrss and Maisonneuve Music have graciously allowed Cut From Steel to debut Had2Buy: