Every once in a while I will come across a band that makes me stop and say “god damn..this is good” – Radkey is one of those bands. Going through some PR / release emails in the Cut From Steel inbox I randomly clicked on a link to Radkey and my evening was changed. These guys are good – really really good.

From the old school Punk riffs and song arrangements, to the deep menacing voice of the lead singer, to their devil may care attitudes – these guys are definitely worth a few minutes of your youtube time, today.

Radkey is three young brothers (ages 16, 18 and 20) from Missouri who play the best version of punk music. Home-schooled by their parents, self taught to their instruments and influenced by their dad’s extensive punk rock collection, they independently released their “Cat & Mouse” EP earlier in 2013 and “Devil Fruit” was released just this week to rave reviews.

Comparisons to the Misfits have been throw around. Radkey has been named “New Band Of The Day” by The Guardian, and they are currently on a limited tour. They will follow in 2014 with a full-length debut album and further dates. One can only hope that a Hamilton (or at least a Toronto) date is announced.

It is worth surfing on over to Radkey’s website to read the hilarious teenage-punk-angst bios of the band. Here is a quick excerpt that made me laugh:

Dee the lead guitarist and vocalist is into learning to read and write Japanese, watching anime and enjoys books by Stephen King, Michael Crichton and Edgar Rice Burroughs. He hates milk and not only because of his lactose intolerance. It’s the kind of hate that comes from deep down inside, the kind of hatred you would hold towards someone that has wronged you in an unmentionable way. He does have a soft spot in his heart for cheese though.

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