Montreal’s Matthew Chaim is finally back with some new music. We’ve shared his music before and after waiting patiently we finally have a new Matthew Chaim track. ‘Focus’ is the first single from Matthew this year and is hopefully a sign of more music to come. Matthew has a really smooth voice and great lyrics and the production from Noah Barer and Austin Tecks works so well.

I’ll tell you why I really like this song. There are a few points where, while listening to it for the first time, I predicted it would go in a certain obvious direction and I was wrong each time. The vocals and production are close enough to the main stream but it pulls back and takes things in a different direction. It could easily have become a Drake-type song but Matthew ( and Noah and Austin) obviously have enough of a handle on their style and ideas to make this song stand on its own.

From Matthew:
This song came from a place of self-motivation. I went into it with the intention of writing something super light and vibey. What came out was this sort of pep talk to myself… telling myself that I need to focus, and shove all my attention into music. And I think it’s working. Less than a month after writing Focus, I quit my full-time job and went all in.”