Today marks the release of new Lee Reed album “The Butcher, The Banker, The Bitumen Tanker”. The digital release is up for free on soundcloud and bandcamp, and a vinyl release is in the works for a later date.

This may be Lee Reed’s finest work yet. All of the usual things we’ve come to expect from Lee are here, but they have been refined and produced in a way that elevates this music to the next level. Lefter-than-left leaning politics? check. Anti-colonialist, Anti-capitalist rantings?check Fierce delivery? check. Boom-Bap beats? check. It’s all here and its all glorious.

One of the struggles of ‘conscious’ music (although I hate that label) is the balance between the message and the delivery. Nobody likes to be preached to, and that is sometimes the unintended effect of this kind of “music with a message”. Lee has been able to get away from this struggle through his fantastic delivery and the fact the songs are good. They are excellent tracks on their own and the fact that the lyrics can back up the beats and the delivery is just all the better.

“The Butcher, The Banker, The Bitumen Tanker” has Lee collaborating with many talented Hamiltonians.  His DJ, for example, DJ Kryme Won, is a beast behind the turn tables and the cuts he has contributed the to album (and the live shows) have added so much depth to the music. Many of the beats were created by super talented Hamilton based artists SUPΔ83 and  KA$HKAVAL, and the mega talented guys from Haolin Munk play on Dear Liberals.

This is a solid album, with great production, and it will probably translate into a very exciting live show.
Favourite tracks are: Fuck Ya, Beast Hungry, and Dear Liberals