Hamilton’s godfather of skwee, funk, style, swag, Motëm, has been keeping busy. From touring in Europe, to releasing new tracks and playlists, there is never a dull moment.

The latest from Motëm is this Prayer 001 mix that was done for Sir Amen in Austra. This mix is a good example of the stuff that Motëm spins when he does DJ sets, as opposed to his rap sets. The mix is a good selection of weird samples, good beats, and some hip hop. It’s great and it is available for a free download on the Soundcloud link below.

Motëm has also been keeping busy releasing new videos. The most noteworthy video is for “Inner Sense”. While all of Motëm’s videos are very creative, this one takes things up a notch. Or like 100 notches. The video is professionally shot and edited and looks really slick. Motëm is also doing some product placement in this video and generally looks like a boss throughout the whole thing.

Great track, great video!

“Artisan Beat” is the latest video from Motëm and it is for a track that was produced by another Hamilton electronic heavy weight, Melville. Artisan Beat features Motëm keeping it very positive and dolling out some quality life advice.

“Inner Sense” and “Artisan Beat” are from the Einzalganger Mixtape that can be found on SoundCloud.