Perfectionism in music can an underrated virtue. In the world of viral marketing and youtube PR machines, it is refreshing to come across an artist or a band that cares about the quality of their music in the way that Illitry does.  The name Illitry  has been mentioned a lot in Hamilton since the band’s show at The Brain earlier this year. People walked away from that show blown away by the beautiful sonic experience they were put through, and listening to Illitry it becomes cystal clear why the buzz around this band has been getting louder. Illitry is truly something different for Hamilton and it will be an exciting journey to watch this band grow and evolve.

Speaking to another musician recently, Illitry was described as ” a band that will work on a track until it is absolutely perfect. They are in no rush to release music until it is exactly right”.  Listen to their sole track available online and the perfectionism will become clear. Goshen is a complex and layered song that gets better with each passing bar of music, it builds into something quite powerful.

I caught up with Troy recently to talk about the band and their influences.

Q – Can you tell me about how Illitry came together? How did you meet?
Illitry started as a two piece electronic project between Chester and I . We are each from the Grey Bruce area, a couple hours north of the city. We didn’t really know each other until moving to Hamilton. The basis of our relationship was music, and we’re now friends who live together downtown. Anthony, our drumming appendage, was sent to us from the music gods about a year ago. We knew of him through our friend, but never thought he would play with us. Now he is, and it’s awesome.

Q – You describe your music as ‘Glitchy Soul’.. can you please elaborate on this?  What sort of parallels can you see between traditional soul music and electronic music?
I don’t know enough about either genre to draw any significant parallels. Maybe repetition? For me, this term suggests that human soul is still present in a world where human contact is increasingly digital.

Q – Where do you draw your influences from?
A lot of this music is experimental in nature. I have personally listened to a lot of music in the Radiohead vein, and Chester seems to have some interesting jazz sensibilities. We are both embarrassingly aloof to a lot of the awesome music out there. Our producer, Mike Kiere, was showing me a track from The Flaming Lips a few months ago and I remember being like “I think I’ve heard of them.”

Q – What have you been listening to lately? Can you recommend something for our audience to check out?
I don’t know why, but this kind of question always stresses me out. I don’t think of myself as somebody who has awesome taste. Sometimes I might just like a song because of one element. And, even though I would never say that I like the song, I listen to it for that one part. You know? It’s almost like listening for ideas, the way a hip-hop producer might listen for samples. So, I don’t really have an answer for that question.

Q – Who are your favourite Hamilton musicians or bands?
This question is easier. I love the band New Hands. I like Redanda. The Rest is a great band. Young Rival is sweet. These are bands whose songs get stuck in my head, often.

Q – What are your plans for 2013, musically? Are you releasing an EP?
The plan is to release the full LP this fall. EP’s are cool but LP’s are bigger and, therefore, must be better.

Thanks, Troy!