Toronto’s post-punk, High Signs, have put out a single off their upcoming album “If So, Then What?”  ‘A Much Larger Ocean’ is a song about fighting for optimism. It’s almost a punk ballad that connects to all of our deep held desires to cling to optimism in a world that’s always trying to tear that down.

This is a really nice track and I’m looking forward to the album which should be out this summer.

From the band:

Staying present, grounded, and connected to what and who we care about is more of an action than a desire, but it is one that needs to constantly be teased out. Even if we can find this piece of mind for just a moment, it is something we can hold onto and continue to find strength in. If nothing else, it is a mindset to aspire to. You can read the premiere of “A Much Larger Ocean” at New Noise Magazine. After forming in the basement of a DIY venue in Toronto, we reset our approach to music in 2016, focusing on writing songs that are honest and simple.