I caught the Saturday evening programming at the World Music Festival at Gage park this weekend and I was thrilled by the experience.  This was the first ever Hamilton World Music Festival put on by the Matapa group and it was a huge success judging by the wonderful bands, good turnout, and great energy.

Summers are a busy time and this past weekend was jam packed with activities in Hamilton. Festivals, art crawls, and other things fought for an audience. I was pleasantly surprised to see a solid turn out at Gage Park. The crowd was made up people of all ages, and many adorable dogs.The crowd was an ethnically diverse slice of Hamilton’s population that made me proud to live in a diverse city.

The musical lineup was incredible! It was a real treat to see these world class musicians perform at .. Gage Park! Each band was unreal, the sound was fantastic, and the audience got up and danced several times.  Personal favourites were Haiti’s fantastic rapper  Vox Sambou and Mexican quintet Som Bit.

I’d like to send out  a big big Congrats, and a Thank You, to the organizers of this festival. This was a fantastic event and I am already looking forward to next year.