A growing number of Hamilton based musicians are gathering together to take a stand against the proposed casino  / mega entertainment complex that may be in our future. See the document on the Sonic Unyon website here.

While this is primarily a music blog, this is an issue that affects the music scene and the livelihood of the place I love so much – downtown Hamilton.

Cut From Steel is standing in solidarity with the position of our artists and musicians.  Support the cause and follow along for updates on the facebook page and official website.

Please read the statement below and spread the word!

February 7, 2013

To whom it may concern,

We are all local musicians, promoters, venue owners or work for a local music business. We are concerned about the impact of a downtown casino on our local music scene. At a recent public information session concerning the effect of a possible casino expansion into downtown Hamilton, city council was advised by Dr. Hannah Holmes, a professor of Economics at McMaster University that a casino would very likely hurt local, independent businesses. The current revival of our wonderful downtown is due in part to a growing number of small local businesses and a strong and vibrant arts community.

The recent proposal by the Hard Rock Group and Carmens Group Inc. for a downtown casino suggests that a live music venue will be a large component of their facility. As musicians, promoters and music venue owners we have a very real concern that a large entertainment complex, run, in part, by a large American-owned corporation, could potentially harm local, independent music venues and promoters. As local independent businesses who do not have the advantage of an exclusive partnership with a gambling monopoly, we are concerned that this development will not compete on a level playing field and harm some of the many businesses who have already invested in the downtown core.

Casinos in cities across North America have been built as self-sustaining developments that use music and other forms of entertainment to prevent people from leaving or utilizing other amenities within the surrounding area.

To be clear, we do not take issue with anyone wanting to build more and larger music venues in Hamilton, however we believe that a large corporation may not be sensitive to our city’s musical history, nor care about its impacts on local arts in general. As such, we are stating that should a downtown casino be pushed through at Council without a proper city-wide referendum we would choose to neither play at it nor promote for it.


Michael Keire/ Threshold Recording Studio
Lee Reed
Adam Bentley/ The Rest
Terra Lightfoot
Doobie Freaks
Young Rival
Junior Boys
Sonic Unyon
Lou Molinaro/This Ain’t Hollywood
Jessy Lanza
Mike Renaud
Homegrown Hamilton
Ollie/ Beautry Industries
Aaron Sakala/ Lee Reed
Ace Piva
Mike Trebilcock
Drew Smith
Pick a Piper
George Pettit/ Alexisonfire
Max Kerman/ Arkells
John Caffery/ Kids on TV
Young Empires
Wax Mannequin
Canadian Winter
Bill Majoros/ The Foreign Films
Steven McKay/ Bruce Peninsula
Tor Lukasik-Foss
Sandeep Bhandari
James Tennant
Ken Inouye
New Hands
Catherine North Studios
Mike Simon
Haolin Munk
Jeremy Fisher
Aaron Goldstein
Dark Mean
Kojo easy Damptey
David Dunham/DAVIDS/DivorceVideo/Don Vail
Cam Malcolm
Secret Heights
The Kettle Black
Matt Jelly
Monster Truck
Juke Wilson
Sarah Good
Brad Germain
The Caretakers
Thom Gill
Greg Santilly
San Sebastian
Jamie Smith
The Dirty Nil
Earth Wind and Choir
Magic Shadows
Annie Shaw
Social Divorce
Piranha Entertainment
Monster Fever
You, Me and the Machine
Tom Shea
Trio Arjento
Slender Loris
Crop Failure
Pucumber Sasssquash Family Band
Steve Hanson In Transit
The Safety Collective
TV Freaks
Paul Hogeterp