Say hello to The Boogies. This lo-fi chill rock band hails from Hamilton and is kicking off the Eternal Summer fest that’s happening across the city this summer. We’re talkin’ backyard shows, kitchen shows, shows everywhere! Stay tuned to Cut From Steel for summer time Q&A sessions with Eternal Summer bands throughout the festival.

More info and the lineup can be found here, and if you’re looking to get into the summer spirit check out the Eternal Summer mixtape that’s streaming on Exclaim! right now. Because this festival is happening in people’s homes and private spaces the addresses are given out on a per-person basis and if you’d like to get a ticket or more info – email the organizers: exhalemusicgroup (at)

First up: The Boogies! We caught up with Kyle Kitchen and Patrick Hayes –  Chris Henwood was there in spirit. Catch them tonight in Hamilton!

Q – What are you working on these days, musically speaking?
Kyle: We’re always writing new songs and trying to progress as a band. If all goes as planned we will be getting into Dan Edmonds’ studio in Hamilton within the next couple weeks to record some new tunes for our EP. And for now just playing as many gigs as we can and lovin’ it!

Q – Which of your songs have the most summer vibes?
Pat: It’s hard to say… we probably couldn’t pick one but Roll The Dice is a pretty summer-y song I would say.

Q –  You are playing Eternal Summer in Hamilton- can you share your favourite Hamilton related anecdote?
Kyle: Always nice to cruise the streets, maybe stop in a few stores and look around

Q – Do you have any porta-potty use tips or some etiquette to offer?
Pat: Don’t touch the seat. And avoid using the porta-potty if possible.

Q – What would be an absolute deal breaker for a backyard/cottage party?
Kyle: Live music, keg, many peeps. We love the idea of playing in a backyard and are very stoked to be a part of Eternal Summer!

Q – What’s on your road trip mixtape or playlist?
Diciples- Tame Impala
Love Test- The Growlers
Shelter Song- Temples

Q – What’s your favourite Ontario beach to visit?
Pat & Kyle: Sauble Beach no doubt. But we can’t speak for Chris, he couldn’t be here with us today

Q – What are your thoughts on camping? Yay or Nay?
Kyle: We all love camping, we can speak for Chrissy boy on that one

Q – Do you have a signature summer beverage?
Pat: Usually just the cheapest beer from the beer store works for me

Q – Do you have a favourite ‘makeout point’, or a trusty spot you’ve visited in the past?
Pat: I once witnessed Kyle and Chris making out at the Dundas Peak so….

Q – All time best summer jam?
Kyle: Runnin’ Down a Dream- Tom Petty
Pat: Peaches & Cream- Snoop Dogg

Q – What can you BBQ that you’re proud of?
Kyle: I’m not sure about myself but i hear Chris grills a mean steak

Q – Do you have an all time favourite movie set that’s set in the summer?
Pat: Stand By Me, a classic