Jordan Koren hails from Hamilton and is kicking off the Eternal Summer fest that’s happening across the city this summer. We’re talkin’ backyard shows, kitchen shows, shows everywhere! Stay tuned to Cut From Steel for summer time Q&A sessions with Eternal Summer bands throughout the festival.

More info and the lineup can be found here, and if you’re looking to get into the summer spirit check out the Eternal Summer mixtape that’s streaming on Exclaim! right now. Because this festival is happening in people’s homes and private spaces the addresses are given out on a per-person basis and if you’d like to get a ticket or more info – email the organizers: exhalemusicgroup (at)

You might know Jordan from his band Good Anya or from his prolific musical family. We caught up with Jordan to get his opinion on a few summer related issues. Catch him tonight in Hamilton!

Q – What are you working on these days, musically speaking?
Trying to write music with a wide range of genres so I can appeal to a larger audience

Q – Which of your songs has the most summer vibes?
Walk away from me

Q – You are playing Eternal Summer in Hamilton – – can you share your favourite Hamilton related anecdote?
Playing with the Boogies on James street in a Portuguese restaurant

Q – What would be an absolute deal breaker for a backyard / cottage party?
No music

Q – What’s the best summer festival for hook ups, or finding love?
Not to sure.. your best bet is to find love at a festival you really like, and hook ups could probably be found anywhere

Q – Do you have any porta-potty use tips or some etiquette to offer?
Always plug your nose before entering

Q – What’s your favourite Ontario beach to visit?
Lake Huron

Q – What are your thoughts on camping? Yay or Nay?

Q – What can you make on the BBQ that you’re proud of?
I can’t make anything on the BBQ that I’m proud of

Q – Do you have a signature summer beverage?
I’m always down for a cold cider

Q – All time favourite movie that’s set in the summer?

Q – What’s on your road trip mixtape, or playlist?
Elton John, Bowie, Replacements, CSN&Y, Strokes

Q – All time best summer jam?
Woodstock (CSN&Y)