ttwwrrss is a local DJ that’s been getting a lot of buzz since his first show late last year (December 2012).  He seemed to appear out of nowhere and suddenly everyone was talking about him. People were also wondering, how the hell do you say ttwwrrss? I had no idea. Until today.

ttwwrrss, pronounced Towers, is the brainchild of Sean T. The name was chosen as a last minute user name registration. Without a first EP out yet, unsigned ttwwrrss, has been impressing crowd after crowd with his tunes. From remixing the coolest songs, to producing his own tracks, ttwwrrss has been one of the more exciting local DJs to follow. I caught up with Sean to learn more about his music. Check out our interview and stay tuned to Cut From Steel for upcoming ttwwrrss shows.

Q – First of all – for the uninitiated (including myself), how the hell do you pronounce ttwwrrss?
(haha) the amount of times I’ve been asked this. It’s my own fault really. It’s Towers. How the name came about was when I wanted to sign up for a youtube name and saw that  “towers,” or the no-vowel alternative “twrs,” were both taken, I just doubled the letters.  I wonder how many times oOoOO  get’s asked this same question, I still just call him “ouuuuuu”

Q – How did you get into music? Were you involved in anything else before ttwwrrss?
My parents got me into music very young and I started playing drums when i was about 8, then moved onto guitar and keyboards when I was like 10. I feel like you can tell that i was a drummer even in my music now. ttwwrrss is my only project, though, I dont think I could function in a band. Collaboration can be fun but I like to be in charge creatively.

Q – What time of day are you most productive, musically? I know that a lot of DJs / producers I’ve spoken to tend to work late at night. What’s your routine?
I seem to be a late night producer. Inspiration is really unpredictable for me, I find.

Q –  What’s the first song you remixed, or tore apart?
Almost 5 years ago I butchered Groove Tonight by Earth Wind and Fire, but even before that, I was like 14 and I remember messing around with NIN songs when they put all the stems for The Slip on their site.

Q – Do you have any tracks up your sleeve that you play if you notice a show / party getting low energy?  Something to turn the vibe around?
Yes! I have ttwwrrss edits of Deaf and ITH by Flosstradamus and Fuckin Problems by A$AP Rocky that I play to bring the energy up. Recently, I have also been playing some new ttwwrrss stuff no one has heard yet, it seems to do the trick too.

Q – From an audience’s perspective, Hamilton seems to have a rich and healthy electronic music scene right now. What is it like from your perspective? Would you call what we have an ‘electronic scene’?
I’m still fairly new, and actually the first ttwwrrss show was in December of 201, but from what I’ve seen so far, it feels like a community.

Q – What inspires you?
William S. Burroughs. Hunter S. Thompson.  Stanley Kubrick. Endtroducing (DJ Shadow album) Daft Punk.  Kanye West. Looking out at the lake. Dreams/Nightmares.

Q – What are you listening to these days? Do you have any recommendations for us? Any tracks or artists we can check out?
YEEZUS is probably my favorite album of 2013. I’ve been really into Brodinski and Gesaffelstein for a long time. I’m always listening to Clams Casino. You should check out Djemba Djemba

Q – What do you have planned for the rest of the year, musically?
I have an EP im almost done. If I cant find a record label or anything, I’ll just put it on my soundcloud and I’ll let you guys know when it’s closer to being done. Other than that, just some more shows hopefully.

Q – What’s the song of the summer – in your opinion?
Lose Yourself To Dance by Daft Punk.

Thanks, Sean!