DAVIDS! It’s been too long. The last time we had new music from this mysterious musical juggernaut was back in 2013. Here we are several years later with ‘Crown of Burrs‘ – a really exciting new track that’s the first single off their upcoming EP “0117EP”.

This sounds like a dark take on new wave that’s exciting and feels very much rooted in 2017. I’m really into this and can not wait for the album to come out. More DAVIDS on Cut From Steel. Find even more DAVIDS on their Bandcamp page.


This is quite possibly the greatest piece of song context a band has never sent in:

The inspiration for “Crown of Burrs” came after a long night of indigestion, caused by a Reuben sandwich of questionable freshness that I’d purchased at a roadside kiosk just outside of Birtle, Manitoba in August 1998.  At one point I was vomiting with such ferocity out of the back of the camper that I heard an audible POP! in my spine. I lost consciousness. When I finally came to the bass line for the song was already in my mind, and it looped there for the remainder of the trip. Once I’d gotten home and dropped off the last of the scout troop I barricaded myself in the makeshift studio I’d cobbled together in a dumpster behind the local Giant Tiger. 19 years later I emerged, finished track in hand, with a pet rat that I’d taught to speak.  His name is Brad and we are quite happy. Enjoy the song. Thank you.