“Waking Up” is the new single from Saskatchewan based indie rock/shoegaze band, Close Talker. This is a nice track and it is paired with a gorgeous video that shows off the spectacular Saskatchewan winter. This video tells the tale of a girl and her dog as they make their way through the barren wilderness in some unspecified post-apocalyptic situation.

From the band:
Filming in January in Saskatchewan proved quite difficult. With long days in -30 degrees, a hyper dog, freezing cold water, limited daylight, and blatant trespassing on several properties, the stakes were high. Not going to lie, on day one of shooting we were detained by the police for both trespassing and mischief (for carving Close Talker in the stair treads). Following some sincere apologies and prairie charm we negotiated our way to being able to speak to the homeowner. We explained our project to the kind farmer and our idea for the opening shot (which included the wood carving, or as far as the courts are concerned, vandalism and defacing of property). His response was, “oh ya, that is pretty cool”. He gave us keys to the gate and said we could continue using the old abandoned house if we promised to be safe. Thanks Doug. Other than some minor hiccups and fear of tipping a canoe or acquiring hypothermia, the whole experience was pretty great and really new to us as we had never directed anything before. “