The sincerity of slightly postponing his album until after completing his SATs, Chester Watson isn’t concerned with the hype or false identity. Instead his efforts and enjoyment are strictly channeled into his recordings and collaborations. His vision is strong, rapping over mostly self-produced instrumentals, with personally crafted cover art. When we first met the teenage rapper he impressed hope for the future on every aging-blogger who prayed that the new adolescents shared their influences. One year later the expression of his influences has transformed into the collaborators that have sprung through growing output.

Premiered on Passion of the Weiss, Jeff Weiss champions an artist who otherwise dissuades industry attention and continues a PWYC service to benefit the listener. This work spans five acts over twenty-eight tracks: Act I The Prophecy (1-5), Act II Land of the Monsters (6-10), Act III The Witch and the Forest (11-17), Act IV The Villain’s Creed (18-23), Act V The War (24-28). Download and the future rhythm of the Monotone Samurai.

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