You wouldn’t know it by looking at the major media in this town, but we’ve got a really good hip hop scene in Hamilton.

Hamilton has many amazing MCs, DJs, producers, break dancers, promoters, and a lot more that makes up an impressive hip hop scene.  The latest proof of this comes from a collaborative effort between some of the areas finest DJS, MCs, and break-dancers in this “Homegrown” video. Most of the artists featured on this track are from Hamilton and can be seen performing regularly around town.

What do we love about this? Everything, to be exact. Hamilton looks great and not in that cheesy tourism way, the bars are tight, the beat and the cuts are really good, and the dancing is slick. This is fantastic and it should be spread for all to see, and maybe one day we can live in a world where hip hop gets as much attention as indie rock and other genres.

The video is produced by Dex Brown and it  features: Mat Heddle (Slur), Sin Ceeno Evol , Elley Jeeze, Phoenix Pagliacci + cuts by DMC Canada’s DJ Rix & DJ Jooce