photo by kenny corbin

Jamaican Queens

Biljana caught up with Jamaican Queens' Ryan to talk bad websites, fake music genres, and friendship.

Kristin Archer hearts Hamilton

Biljana caught up with I Heart Hamilton's Kristin Archer to discuss east end Hamilton, blogs, music, and her birthday fundraiser show.
Jimmy Bender of Green Autumn Photography

Illitry Interview

Biljana caught up with Troy from Illitry to talk about influences, and the human soul in the electronic age.

Esther Grey

Special contributor Jeremy chats with Guelph's Esther Grey. They talk about the great music scene in Gueph, kids, and pirate themed rooms.
Photo courtesy of Matt Paxton

Matt Paxton Interview

Biljana catches up with local songbird Matt Paxton and chats about inspiration, new beginnings, and family.

Inlet Sound Interview

Michael Wexler of Inlet Sound talks with Joy about the producing a debut album, being a homeless band, and lots more.
Photo courtesy of the band

Rackula Interview

Biljana chats with Lindsay from Rackula about their EP release, Hamilton, and women in music.

Huron Interview

Special contributor Jeremy chats with his pals Huron about their highly anticipated return to the Hamilton stage.