City and The Sea

Biljana caught up with Nick from City And The Sea to talk about the past, the future, and music in Hamilton.

The Steeltown Spoilers

Parry Allen caught up with Glen, from The Steel Town spoilers to talk about punk history,Hamilton, and civic pride.

Lee Reed Interview

Biljana caught up with Lee Reed to talk about touring, Hamilton hip hop, and Fred Durst.


Biljana caught up with Jag from WTCHS to talk about the new limited edition LP, influences, and plans for the future.

Introducing High Kites

Biljana caught up with the guys from High Kites as they got ready for their second ever show, they talked parties, ticats, and Hamilton.

Andrew W.K. Interview

Biljana caught up with Andrew W.K. to talk about bronies, magic, sex, partying, and everything in between.

CFMU and Community Radio

Parry Allen caught up with CFMU McMaster's Programming director James Tennant to talk about the importance of community radio, and CFMU's current fundraising efforts.

Adam Bomb

Biljana caught up with Toronto's Adam Bomb to talk about boozin', Canadian Hip Hop, and community support.