Riot Fest – Toronto

One of the most exciting things that's happened to dear ol' Cut From Steel was the time we got invited to Riot Fest in Toronto. It happened in early September o...

An Interview with The Arkells

The Arkells don't really need an introduction around these parts, they are easily one of the most successful bands to come out of Hamilton in recent memory. Can...

Dead Tired Interview

Catching up with Dead Tired frontman, George Pettit to talk about the new band, punk, and Supercrawl.

An Interview with Ikonika

We caught up with Supercrawl performer Ikonika to talk about the creative process, a space to create, and more.

An interview with Slates

Biljana caught up with James Stewart to talk learn more about Slates, Edmonton, and making beautiful music.

An interview with Wet Secrets

Biljana caught up with the Wet Secrets to talk Sudbury wifi codes, summer fun, and getting through personal bullshit.

Sheare – Singularity

We don't really get a lot of straight up pop music here at Cut From Steel. One theory for this is that there don't seem to be very many independent pop musician...