The Cancer Bats were in Hamilton this spring and we had a chance to catch up with singer Liam Cormier to talk about the newest album “Searching for Zero“. Liam is a really nice guy and the Cancer Bats rock! Let’s all hope they come back to Hamilton soon!

Q – Hey! How is your day?
My day has been great. I’ve been running errands, and I’m gonna have some sushi soon. I’ve been enjoying the break from tour. It’s nice to chill.

Q – You’ve been in this band for over 10 years – what is that like?
It is amazing, bands don’t always last for too long and especially hadcore bands. Nobody starts a band with an idea that this will be a 10 year career. This is the dream… this is the ideal scenario when you start a band so I feel stocked and lucky that it worked out for us like this.  The fact that we can still make music together with the same friends that we started with is awesome. We still make music and do this for the same reasons and its nice that we never had to change.

Q – What would Liam from 2005 make of Liam of 2015 and the latest Cancer Bats album?
When we started back then we ‘d be super happy if we sold like 5 t-shirts at a gig…. or if a handful of people showed up to watch us. So, we are SO happy with the support we’ve had now. Our first album release was held in the basement of a store and 40 people were there. I think that 2005 Liam would be so stoked to see the kind of support we have and how much we’ve grown. We’ve grown so much tighter as a band and our live show has improved so much I’m so proud of what we’ve done with this band.

Q – Tell us about ‘Searching for Zero’ and how that album came together?
We really took our time with this one. It was important for us not to rush through it and to make an album that was distinct from the last one we put out. We really weren’t interested in just making 10 more songs that could have fit on the last album, you know? We’ve always had some ideas that we wanted to explore but we didn’t have time before so this time around it was nice to be able to fully flesh out some of those ideas, and to have time to just explore together. The songs that sound a bit different on this album are a result of that (time o.. beaelzebub). Beazelbub is a different track but it is most definitely still a Cancer Bats song and we were glad to have the time to explore and try something new. A great thing was being with our label and having them understand what we needed to get the album done in our way. They were great.

Q – You took some time off before working on this most recent album, can you tell us a little bit about that decision? 
We just wanted to take some time for ourselves and take the pressure off having to make album after album in tight deadlines. One of the cool things that happened was that our guitarist Scott ended up going to Spain to learn how to make guitars from a master craftsman there.
Q – How was your UK / European tour?
It was amazing. We have such a good time there.

Q – You guys are known to be ‘the hardest working band’ having played 300 shows a year at various times. What keeps you going? 
We’re lucky enough to all really get along and we love performing. Its insane that after all of these years we still get to play shows with our friends and just have a good time. It’s the best.

Thanks, Liam!