Today’s free album download (until midnight) brought to you by Kno of CunninLynguists and A Piece of Strange Music, To Dust by Built To Fade. This never-ending-story features vocals from Dane Ferguson (@DaneFerguson), Zoë Wick (@ZoeWick) and Anna Wise of Sonnymoon (@AnnaTheWise) with production-not-rapping by Kno (@Kno).

For my tastes To Dust acts as an epilogue to Kno’s intense Death Is Silent (2010), guided by the smooth voices of his collaborators while he’s committed to production. Despite last year’s announcement much about the group remains a mystery. Anna Wise previously collaborated with Cunninlynguists on “Darkness (Dream On)” and “Looking Back” from Oneirology (2011) and with Kendrick Lemar on “Real” from good kid m.A.A.d city (2012).

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Recommended listening:
Kno’s Death Is Silent (2010)
Cunninlynguist’s Oneirology (2011)
Zoë Wick, Lose The Moon (2011)
Dane Ferguson, Where We Were (2012)