What’s your favourite variety of Drivethru Beef? Why not mull it over while listening to this great new B.A. Johnson track that’s about this very subject.

This song takes Hamilton’s favourite son, B.A. Johnson, into decidedly more synth territory than what we’re used to hearing from him. It sounds great and I can already see the rowdy dance party erupting at the next B.A. show.  The effects and editing on this video are very nice.

I wonder if this means that B.A. has upgraded his walkman?

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B.A. is releasing his his 11th album, (Gremlins 3) in the near future. Check out the first single, I Need Donair Sauce, and read all about his brilliant new promotion strategy. I wonder if he’ll remember the little people now that he has fancy videos and support from Big Donair ($).