Arkells are back with what can only be described as a banger.  “Knocking At The Door” is indie rock’s answer to ‘Every Day I’m Hustlin‘ and The Roots’ ‘The Fire‘ in one killer song. The video features many athletes,artists, and other people working hard, grinding, hustling, and working to achieve their dreams.

The video was shot around Toronto and looks really great. It isn’t just glam shots of Toronto but the shots and the editing weaves together to tell a story of a city and a band, and many individuals all just trying to make it happen.

The song itself is electric and the addition of horns is incredible. The Arkells are a great live band and this song has all of the makings of an amazing live performance.

Max Kerman on how “Knocking On The Door” came together:

“We’ll be knocking at the door, 10 times!”, followed by 10 soul band shots, James Brown style. It started as a random moment in the middle of a set in Philly on Jan 19, and eventually became a refrain we began building every night on tour.

The day after we got home from tour in the middle of February, Tim sent me this drum groove with a heavy, southern marching band vibe. I started playing piano over the song and singing “That’s me, I’m knocking at the door!”. By March 10 we were in the studio recording the song. Now it’s out. There’s some ideas that need time to simmer, and then there are some ideas that need to be recorded immediately. From the moment the song was born, we couldn’t wait to finish it with our extended players – The Northern Soul horns & The Arkettes. Can’t wait to play it live this summer.”

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