One of our favourite local DJs / producers, ttwwrrss (pronounced ‘towers’) is releasing his newest album on January 27th. “ttwwrrss_2” features remastered versions of four of his previously released tracks, along with seven new songs.

ttwwrrss (Sean T) is a nice unassuming guy who has quietly worked his way up to being a top electronic artist in Hamilton. ttwwrrss is a breath of fresh air in a genre that can get .. a little self-involved and exhausting. This music doesn’t work too hard to get us to ‘get’ anything, nor does he overwhelm us with references. The music is good and it speaks for itself.

This second album takes the moodiness and the broodiness that ttwwrrss does so well and it takes it up a notch.. or four notches, to be exact. Pairing up with Hamilton’s Maisonneuve Music label has proved to be a great decision for ttwwrrss; his music has gotten tighter and it just sounds huge these days.  “ttwwrrss_2” opens up with The Crash, which is probably the strongest song on the album. It is a great way to start and is a primer for an album that is part sci-fi sexy fantasy and part digital melancholy. “ttwwrrss_2” is just awesome. This is one of those albums that will sounds great in a club and great on your headphones.

Favourite songs on the album are: “The Crash”, “After the Crash”, “I Need You”, and “Jungle”.

We have an exclusive stream of “The Crash” on our Soundcloud page – and below:

You can buy the album on iTunes as of January 27th 2015. Get it here.