Local DJ, and beat producer, TTWWRRSS (pronounced: towers) is releasing his self-titled album on April 22nd. Cut From Steel received an early copy of the album. Having listened to TTWWRRSS’ earlier releases it is interesting to note how refined this album sounds compared to the earlier stuff. There is something really human and beautiful about listening to an artist progress and get better and stronger with each release. That’s the case with this latest release from TTWWRRSS.
The tracks are still somewhat experimental and industrially focused, however, blending in some smooth hip hop beats has managed to smooth out the tracks in a way that makes them very accessible. Anyone who has attended a ‘beat showcase’ or a DJ set where the sets have meandered off into a far, far, sonic landscape that only audiophiles can truly appreciate will know what I mean by ‘accessible’. You’ll want to listen to these songs.

This album starts strong with the first three tracks and it pumps the breaks slightly and gets a bit moodier as the tracks go on. My favourite tracks are easily: Get it On, SSD, Blood Popsicle, and Find My Way.

Check this album out and add it to your summer BBQ and light night rager playlists.

TTWWRRSS( Sean Thompson) will be spinning at The Baltimore House as a part of his album release party. Come out to Night Drive at the Baltimore House on April 19th to catch TTWWRRSS.