While lots of the  traditional holiday songs are beautiful it is hard to appreciate them the way they are over played to us. Shopping centers have over played Christmas music to the point where it is an assault on the ears.

This is why you have to hear Scarlett & Disher’sThat Christmas Feeling“. Hamilton’s David Disher and Laura Scarlett have recently released a five song EP on bandcamp that features four re-imagined traditional carols and one new original song. The re-imagined carols are gorgeous. Scarlett’s haunting voice makes the carols sound sophisticated and like actual music you’d want to listen to, while Dishers musical arrangements and production make these old songs sound current and relevant. “Wake Up! It’s Christmas!” is the original Christmas song on this EP that was written by Laura Scarlett and David Disher. This new track is great and it fits in beautifully with the re-imagined classic carols.

Another reason this EP is impressive is because it was produced entirely within a one bedroom apartment in Hamilton. All of the songs were re-imagined, recorded, and produced by these two talented people. It is projects like this that remind us that we are living in the age where you can produce excellent music on your own and with little professional equipment.

Download this EP and play it at your next holiday gathering –  you’ll be the coolest person there.