Anyone who knows Ben Theodore Schilaci, would probably have figured out by now that he’s a really cool dude who loves to make music. Already playing awesome psychedelic pop in Dizzy Spells , here’s he’s giving us a new sort of lo-fi pop sound in the strange and intriguing sounds of Reiki Share. Probably the best way to describe it would be something like Sung Tongs-era Animal Collective. His first album is a collection of loopy (literally) pop songs,

There’s something undeniably sunny about his music, there’s also a very cinematic quality to the music of Reiki Share. The rhythms are complex and flowing. The guitars sound very washed out and yet there’s a sharpness to them. The percussion is also pretty reverb heavy. The washed out production gives the record the feeling of a distant memory.

The record isn’t without a sense of humour either, with lyrics about Twizzlers and Beanie Babies, Schilaci’s weirdness is goofy and endearing. The music is dreamy and wandering, but the lyrics ground you in a place that’s not too far from home. It’s the sound of a hazy suburban summer in your late teens. Things are strange and simple. You’re sweaty and tired. You think you’re in love. There’s an adventure out there somewhere and you think you might be on it.

I can honestly say that if I were to direct a movie, I would want this guy’s music to soundtrack it.

Reiki Share is out now on HAVN records. Check out “Have Fun Levitating“, and the rest of the album on bandcamp.