Leighton Meester became famous through her work on Gossip Girl. She’s been involved in other things but like many celebrities who came on the scene through a teen TV show – she will always be known as her teen character. I was first aware of Leighton as a singer back when she did the brutal Cobra Starship song ‘Good Girls Go Bad‘. I’m also sorry to say that she’s done at least one track with Robin Thicke.

Leighton Meester’s Heartstrings was released at the end of October. Reviewing a Leighton Meester CD isn’t like reviewing a CD from some part-time waitress in Vancouver. Leighton is rich.. and famous.. and frankly her life won’t be any worse if this CD tanks. However, this CD isn’t terrible. It’s really not. Leighton seems to have done some growing up. Gossip Girl is over. She married my teenage boyfriend Seth Cohen and she has wisely moved away from doing shitty pop songs. In interviews Leighton has mentioned having no control over her previous work and she put this album out on her own record label.

The album, Heartstrings, isn’t exactly breaking any new ground. Although, it is a descent album. Leighton has a nice voice and some of these songs are whimsical, romantic, and pretty. Some of the songs sound like young Jewel (Blue Afternoon), and others sound like a chill Alanis Morissette or like Fleetwood Mac. Leighton actually has a really nice Fleetwood Mac cover online. If you watch that Fleetwood Mac cover video you’ll see that Leighton is singing and playing the guitar on the floor with singer Dana Williams. If you strip away all of the Hollywood garbage and high production it is undeniable that Leighton is talented.
I’m sure that if this exact same CD was sent to me from some part-time waitress in Vancouver I wouldn’t have hesitated to review it or to take it seriously.

The CD is good and my favourite tracks on it are: Good For One Thing, Sweet, and Heartstrings.