There is a large and impressive hip hop show happening in Hamilton this Friday. Underground legends Cormega and Large Professor are bringing their  “Mega Philosophy” tour to Hamilton , and they are  bringing many friends along. The list of performances is as long as it is impressive, and you can find all of the show details, here.

Listed as one of the ‘Greatest Canadian Rappers’ by the CBC, Adam Bomb is bringing his energetic live show to Hamilton this Friday.  Performing solo, or with the incredible Freedom Writers, Adam always impresses.

I caught up with Adam this week to talk about hip hop, and of course, Hamilton.

Q –  Born and raised in Toronto – you’ve made your mark on the Toronto hip hop scene in many ways. From rap battles, your solo work, being involved in successful groups, and of course hosting your own radio show. Things have come full circle  – you used to feature great music and interviews as an on-air personality – and these days you are being featured in documentaries, magazines, and the like. What is that like for you? How was the Toronto hip hop scene changed since you got in the game?
Thanks a lot.. As far as Toronto goes, the scene has always been great to me. I’d say this biggest difference from when I began and now, is the death of the CD. The team I came up with and the scene I came up in was heavily involved with CD sales. Hand to hand and at shows. The internet put a stop to all that fun so we were all forced to get with the times. It’s not all bad though. The sales were amazing but I’d trade them any day for the reach that the internet allows.

Q – You have done shows in Hamilton, and your return April 5th has been anticipated by hip hop fans. What is your relationship to Hamilton’s hip hop scene. Who do you like from Hamilton hip hop?
Well my first two visits to Hamilton ended in fist fights but since then things have turned around and now it’s one of my favourite places to perform. The crowds are always full of energy and they seem to enjoy beer the same way I do,  so I feel right at home when I’m there. From what I’m hearing, the city’s got a bunch of talent. I’m sure even more than what what I’m familiar with but I know Arcane and OB are doing their thing on a big scale.

Q – Congratulations on being featured in CBC’s 25 Greatest Canadian Rappers list – that is quite the honour. I know this might be a controversial question  – but who do you think belongs on that list that didn’t make the cut?
Thanks. It’s always nice to have your work noticed. Lists are designed to cause discussion so it definitely did it’s job and there’s a bunch of people who could have been added or left off. I definitely think, even over myself, Tona, and Mad Child should be on there for their contributions.

Q –  What do you think of the state of Canadian hip hop today?
It’s a lot like Hip Hop everywhere. Some of it is fantastic. Some of it is garbage. I think we have the best producers and DJs on the planet. I think some of the emcees make incredible music that deserve a lot more light but I also think we create our own wins & losses. Once the business catches up to the artistry, our city and country will be globally recognized as it should be.

Q –  Can you tell us about the differences in performing with the Freedom Writers   vs.  performing solo?
For me, being on stage at any time is the best rush there is, and when the team is up there with me, it’s even better. Those guys are all pros at their craft so it’s an honour to be on the same project or event as them.

Q –  What are you listening to these days — can you recommend something to our readers?

“The Man and His Music” by Sam Cooke always works.  Rap-wise, I’m never disappointed by anything from The Roots, Styles P or Planet Asia.  Canadian rap-wise –  check it all out. There’s tons of gems to be found.

Q – What do you have planned, musically, for the rest of 2013?
By end of 2013, I want to have the Freedom Writers album, my solo album and maybe a few collaborative albums out. All depends on scheduling and the proximity of the liquor store.

Thanks, Adam!