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Mötem – Balance

The musical equivalent of the glimmer of joy in child's eye on the first day of summer break, Mötem, has put out a new track and you need to hear it. If you ...

New video: John Tupac – Motëm

Boy, oh boy, do we have a fun jam for you today! Hamilton's godfather of Sqweee, the duke of style, and the archbishop of strange one liners - Motëm has a new j...

Keeping up with Motëm

Hamilton's godfather of skwee, funk, style, swag, Motëm, has been keeping busy. From touring in Europe, to releasing new tracks and playlists, there is never a ...

Supercrawl 2016 Top Picks

There's been a buzz in the air for a few days and it is all kicking off tonight in Hamilton.  It's that crazy time of year again in: Supercrawl. The community f...

This Week

This week on Cut From Steel we interviewed Marshia Celina, and featured videos by Lee Reed and Dildo of God. This week also included a few fun nights out in ...

Introducing Eccinaccea

We caught up with Eccinaccea to talk about the Electronic scene in Hamilton, inspirations, and beats.

Catching up with D-Sisive

Biljana caught up with Derek Christoff aka Dsisive to talk about his new EP, the music business, Hamilton, and the wild and wonderful world of Corey Feldman.