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DAVIDS – Crown of Burrs

DAVIDS! It's been too long. The last time we had new music from this mysterious musical juggernaut was back in 2013. Here we are several years later with 'Crown...

New Video: DAVIDS – Right On

Well.. this is exciting. What we have here is a new video from Toronto based DAVIDS. This is  the third singe off the 0613EP that was released in 2013. Ke...

DAVIDS – Iranians

Let's get one thing out of the way: I'm still not entirely sure if DAVIDS is one person, three people, or an interstellar entity. There has been a sort of secre...

C.A. Smith Interview

Biljana caught up with one of our most beloved ex-pats, C.A., Smith, to talk music, writing, and hair care.