A conversation about talented performers with a flare for personality and style can not happen with out mention of Hamilton’s, Motëm. A game of 21 questions seemed like the best way to get a glimpse into the mind of Motëm.

1) Motëm is a bit of a mysterious figure. How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard you play before?
Its feelings music, with an indescribable flair.

2) What is it like to be signed to European labels?
I never signed a contract, i am an underground unsigned artiste, but i do have many european homies who have released the motëm music on rare vinyl and different formats, but I never signed a contract, so i am still a free agent.

3) What is Skwee?
Skweee music is the Scandinavian Synthetic funk, originating from Sweden and Helsinki I am really actually a Skweee OG there are a lot of new cats I understand, but I don’t know much about skweee music past Harmönia records and Flogsta Danshall.  i know out in Montreal ancient robot is making moves tho, respect 2 ancient robot.

4) What is the first track you recorded as Motëm?
A very ancient tune now called “intro” it is off “islandoughkee” that is the first official Motëm tune. I dunno if you can find it, I think it is very rare, maybe one day you will find it hidden.

5) What inspires your music?
thoughts, air, nature, the city, vibrations, “the sound of a flock of geese, a large flock, flying in a taunting warm wind, they think its gonna be spring, but its not, its gonna still be cold for a while, water , chief keef , madlib, infinity, phil collins, randomly sampling things on a roland sp-404, li po, lunice, pavan, the gebbz studio, hermes scarves, kermit oliver, fugazi, k records, gebbz steelo boutique

6) How much of your time is dedicated to creating music?
Like all the time.

7) What is your favourite Motëm video?
Nicki Minaj

8) Which of your videos have the most YouTube views?
The classic “fake spirit egg” from back in the day, that is like the Motëm equivalent to soulja boy’s “crank that” and in more ways then one because as Soulja Boy back then was “Soulja Boy tell’em” Motëm was “Slow Hand Motëm” but now Soulja Boy goes by “Soulja Boy” and Motëm goes by “Motëm” and the harmony in the universe is better because of it.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNZ3pZCSuJw&w=560&h=315]
9) Which song is most fun to perform live?
The x-files

10) Is the Candelabra gone for good?
NOPE. But it needed a rest because it is a very vintage old Italian candelabra and any Liberace reference has its time and place.

11) Tell us about your Motëm lightbox? It is amazing, by the way.
It was built by none other than Hamilton Holmes, check out his work he is quite brilliant: http://hamilton-holmes.tumblr.com/

12) Some may say that Motëm is a bit of a fashion icon around here. What’s the latest piece of clothing  / accessory that you’ve purchased? Where?
My fav thing to do right now is rep the Gebbz Steelo boutique. The Gebbz Steelo toque is the look.  I have a great respect for what Wolfgang and them do in that fashion house.  So much flair, so much pizzazz.

13) I know that you are a bit of a coffee lover, as am I, what constitutes the perfect cup of coffee for you?
I have been liking Johnny’s coffee on Locke st, it reminds me of a coffee shop in Portland.

14) Where is the best place in Hamilton to get pizza?
Bella Pizza

15) What is your favourite episode of Seinfeld?
The backwards episode where they go to India.

16) If you had to be stuck in an elevator for a week with either Seal, R. Kelly, or Rick Ross – who would you chose?
This sounds terrible, none please.

17) What is your most played song of this week?
No Tomorrow – Chief Keef

18) You saw Riff Raff play a few months ago in Toronto – What can Hamilton expect from his show?
Something very unique.

19) What is your favourite Riff Raff video?

20) What is your pre-show ritual?